Art Challenge Update #1


I didn’t really know how to shape this challenge when I started it so I figured if I just read art news, my thoughts would come together. I’ve decided to list a few art news highlights (with links to where you can read the full article) and then post my random musings on the art news or art in general.

News Highlights

My Musings

I think the most inspiring thing I read came from a CBC interview with Joni Mitchell. She said, “The trick is if you listen to that music and you see me, you’re not getting anything out of it. If you listen to that music and you see yourself, it will probably make you cry and you’ll learn something about  yourself and now you’re getting something out of it, you know.”

I don’t know why that statement resonated with me so much, especially since she’s stating the obvious. When you go into something with a preconceived idea, you will look/react/think/etc at said thing differently then if you walk into it tabula rasa. The only time it helps to have some information under your belt is when you’re looking at/reading historical pieces.

On that same vein…creativity takes courage: a lot of artists fear showing their work because they know it’s a reflection of their personality and letting people see what comes out of the depth of your mind is frightening.

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